Client Testimonials


Alex Crosby (Photographer and Director of The Big Booth)

Nadine follows a clear step-by-step process, so as a customer you always know where you are up to, what to expect, and what you need to do. She communicates clearly and is always accessible.

She knows all the marketing tricks and techniques that you've heard about and all the ones that you haven't. Even when the site is finished and LIVE, she is still working behind the scenes for you, monitoring and optimising for the best results.

Nadine is a marketing nerd and a designer rolled into one, so you'll get a website that not only looks great but also works really well for your business.


Matt Ramsden (Director of Hilts Decorating)

Nadine reached out to me through social media and I’m very glad she did!

She really knows her stuff when it comes to design and marketing and is exceptionally talented with her web designs- they are classy and stylish.

She carried out a very comprehensive amount of research to understand my business first and it shows in the content of the site.

I had my first enquiry within a month of the site being launched, 3 months in so far and I’ve received 12 enquiries, 8 of which have already converted into paid work.

I would recommend Nadine to anyone - in fact I already have…


Edita Sykora Malowney (Dog Trainer, and Interior Designer)

Nadine has built a website and created branding for our dog walking company Hairy Hounds In Hackney. She created a site that targets our audience perfectly with fabulous creativity and enthusiasm.

Her suggestions and ideas were spot on every time and I am so grateful she was on-board to guide us in a marketing world that I personally find very confusing and challenging.

She asked all the right questions to help me to finalise the brief and the results are that my clients responses have been more then we could have wished for.

Everyone who visits our site loves it, and what’s more our new company image truly reflects our company ethos.

Nadine's after-support has also been fantastic. My business it thriving ever since we launched our site and I can definitely thank Nadine for her part in projecting so well what our company stands for.


Raj Anand (Entrepreneur)

Nadine approached us with suggestions to improve our website, branding and communications.We agreed on a brief and the outcome was a complete overhaul of how we position our services.

Our proposition was clearer, and our content and branding was more organised, polished and professional. This enabled us to effectively communicate the pain-points our business solves, and the benefits and outcomes our customers can expect.

Since then, we continue to experience company growth and have signed a whole host of partners around the world. We highly recommend working with Nadine, as we’ll continue working with her for years to come.


Avril Millar (Author, Speaker and Non-Executive Director)

I have known Nadine for several years. She designed and then refreshed my wonderful website (and business cards), she has provided endless support for the site - I am now pretty self sufficient but only because of her - and she never fails to respond to my stupid requests no matter where she is in the world.

Her photography is sensational - she is the only person I trust to photograph me. I actually can't recall everything she does for me except to say that she is 100% reliable, creative, energetic, kind and supportive.

She recently came all the way from Leeds to photograph my daughter's 40th birthday party and she was incredible. Everyone is stunned by the results in an almost totally dark room.

Her creative and marketing sense is faultless and she is unafraid of speaking her mind to make sure clients get what they actually need rather than what they think they need. Nadine is a gem - anyone who works with her will benefit multiple times more than they ever pay her (and I keep telling her to raise her fees!).


Crystal van Lloy (Actress & Yoga Instructor)

Nadine is super-efficient and trustworthy. For me, it’s about having services that work with a creative eye and a business head.
Not only does she do what is asked, but she also gives constructive advice and feedback to develop the project to its best for you.