Web Design for new and small businesses

Business websites should do much more than look pretty.

Your website should be optimised to perform.


Combining simple yet beautiful design with more technical marketing techniques will give your business a competitive edge and generate results.

Take advantage of the all-inclusive jump-start marketing and web design package today, and save yourself hours of DIY headaches.



The jump-start Marketing and Web Design Package includes all of the following:

  • Domain registration for 1 year

  • One professional email for 1 year

  • Squarespace website hosting for 1 year

  • HTTPS Security Certificate

  • Typographic logo design

  • Squarespace web design (Up to 6 pages)

  • Photography

  • Search engine optimisation (SEO)

  • Analytics tracking

  • Social Media banners

  • 100 x Business cards (The good-quality ones)


Service and Support

Support at every stage of the process, from researching and developing your business proposition, to creating a digital-shop-front and social media presence you can truly be proud of.



  1. Research

  2. Strategy and Planning

  3. Set-up and Implementation

  4. Design

  5. Proofing

  6. Delivery



Each project usually takes between 2-4 weeks. You’ll have your website up-and-running in less than one month.


Once your web design project is complete, full ownership of the website will be transferred to you, with the option to retain my services for regular content updates. Your site will be fully content-managed meaning you could update it yourself also. Squarespace website management training available.


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I’m based in Leeds, West Yorkshire and frequently travel to London and beyond.

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The web design Process

The jump-start marketing and web design process is tried-and-tested with no ‘surprises’ or ‘hidden extras’.

I follow the same process with every client, but understand the needs of every business is different.


Stage 1 - Research, strategy and planning

Developing your business proposition and doing the necessary research and planning will set your business apart from the rest.

In stage 1, I’ll consult with you to lay the correct foundation for digital success.

Specifically, you’ll receive help with:

  • Narrowing down your target audience

  • Running a competitor analysis

  • Developing your product or service’s unique selling point (USP)

  • SEO research to define your keyword targeting strategy

  • Writing content for your business website (up to 6 pages), with your input


Stage 2 - Set-up and Implementation

Many new business owners choose a beautiful or free website over a functional and effective website and eventually realise that after family and friends have visited their website, visitors begin to dwindle.

Web design is as much a science as it is an art form. In stage 2, I’ll set-up all the tools you’ll need to track progress and engagement from the moment your website goes LIVE.

Specifically, you can expect me to:

  • Collect your information to register your business accounts

  • Register your domain name, if you don’t already have one

  • Connect your domain with Squarespace secure hosting (This includes an SSL certificate)

  • Register your company email address

  • Set up your Google Analytics and Google Search Console accounts

  • Register your business with Google My Business

  • Select a Squarespace website design and help you choose suitable brand colours

  • Create a typographic logo for you and select the suitable fonts for your business

  • Source royalty free stock images, and/or illustrations for your website


Stage 3 - Design

Now that the foundations are in place I’ll start incorporating all the elements that tell your brand story and optimise your new site to appear in search engines.

Specifically, I will:

  • Design your website incorporating all content, copy, calls-to-action, forms and any other features agreed in stage 1

  • Optimise your website for search engines using your targeted keywords (Google, Bing, Yahoo)

  • Test all links, forms and features on your website


Stage 4 - Proofing

At this stage your website is ready for you to view and provide feedback.

You’ll receive 2-3 opportunities to make suggestions before your new website is made LIVE.

This is a great time to get feedback from your customers.

Specifically, I will:

  • Invite you to review the first draft of your website

  • Collect your feedback and make the required changes

  • Invite you to review the second draft of your website

  • Collect your feedback and make the final changes (if required)

  • Publish your website


Stage 5 - Delivery

Your website is live and ready for you to share and promote. Your integrated marketing plan’s core objective will be to drive visitors to your website.

After 6 months of your website being live, we will review your website’s organic performance and I’ll consult with you on the various options to continue its growth.

Specifically, I will:

  • Transfer full ownership of your new Squarespace website to you

  • Deliver your new brand assets including social media banners and your typographic logo

  • Send you all your login details for your new accounts

  • Design and order your business cards

  • Present you with a range of options for the maintenance and continued optimisation of your new website

  • Inform you when your project is complete.


Get the ALL-INCLUSIVE Jump-start Marketing and Web Design Package for:


Let’s get started.

Whether you have a clear idea of what you’d like to achieve, or would like some advice to move your project forward, contact me and let’s get started.

Call: 07883816411 | Email: nadineburzler@me.com | WhatsApp

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Payment Information

A 50% deposit is payable before starting any work. The remaining balance will be payable before transferring full ownership of your website to you.

I’m confident that you’ll be happy with the service and experience, however should either party choose to cancel a project, you will be refunded the full price minus any costs incurred from 3rd party vendors. i.e. Domain registration, website hosting, email hosting, ordering etc.