This site collects cookies. Not the chocolate digestive biscuit-type, but rather the type of cookies that tells Google Analytics that you’ve visited my site. Not you, specifically. You, anonymously.

Google Analytics tells me how many people visit my website, where they came from (a campaign, a referral, social media, email, direct), which pages perform well in attracting relevant visitors (Visitors who actually want marketing or web design help), and how long people stay on the site.

As a marketer this is important to know, so that I know where to pull my socks up and do better, and where I’m able to learn from what’s working well.

Google Analytics data looks something like this:

What Google Analytics looks like.png



The only time I collect your personal information, is when you email me. Personal information includes your name and surname, email address, and phone number. This is only used to get back to you to discuss whether what you’re looking to achieve, aligns with what I’m able to offer you.

If we decide to work together on a website or marketing project, I’ll keep your contact details for up to 7 years, only because we’re bound to have an ongoing professional relationship, and also, just in case inland revenue wants to know if my clients are real people. You can contact me at any time to request that I remove all traces of you in my inbox or Google Drive.

Newsletter Subscribers

I use a marketing automation tool called Mailchimp. If you choose to subscribe to my email newsletter then your name and email address gets uploaded to Mailchimp on to a list called: Newsletter Subscribers.

I use this list to send news and updates to people who want to hear from me. If at any time you decide you don’t want to hear from me, you can unsubscribe by clicking on the link at the bottom of every email.

Any further questions?

Please contact me by email: and I will get back to you within 24 hours.