5 FREE ways to drive traffic to your new website

Five techniques to help you reach further than your family and friends and drive traffic to your new website

It’s a big challenge standing out in a crowd of 7 Billion people, and all of them are shouting for attention, but with small and consistent efforts every day, you’ll start seeing more visitors to your website in no time!

Here are 5 ways to drive free traffic to your website:

1. Get Free PR Coverage for your business

Generating PR usually comes with a cost when working with PR agencies but if you’re not ready to pay for PR services, one of the best ways to gain free PR for your business is to follow the #JournoRequest #PRrequest #BloggerRequest hashtag feeds on Twitter. This is where other companies and journalists post requests for commentary on a variety of topics.

If you don’t have a Twitter account, subscribe to JournoRequest or PR Hunter’s daily digest emails on their website.

Journorequest is a great tool for generating free PR for your business. They are part of the ResponseSource family.

Journorequest is a great tool for generating free PR for your business. They are part of the ResponseSource family.

BONUS! Another way to gain free PR for your business is to share your entrepreneurial story. Find blogs, awards or competitions that help and support small business owners, such as PickYourself UK. Ensure you meet the criteria, fill in the form, and you’ll see your #selfstarterstory published within a month!

2. Social Media

Since most social media platforms introduced algorithms and advertising options, even the largest Facebook business pages saw the reach of their daily updates reach fewer and fewer people. Facebook wants to keep users on their site, LinkedIn and Instagram also, so unless you are willing to pay to advertise, you’ll need to think of other ways to reach people.

One such way is Facebook groups. Find groups on Facebook that allow vendors to advertise on specific days. For example, The Delegate Wranglers group allows you to promote your events-related-business between 7-8pm, every Monday.

There are many Facebook groups for different industries where you can share your expertise to build trust, relationships, and promote your business or website. You just need to find them, and make sure you read and comply with the group’s rules.

3. On-page SEO

On-page SEO is a great way to generate organic traffic to your website. It can take a little while for content to start building up, for your site to gain credibility and trust, and for your pages to rank on search engines.

One of the best ways to ensure your website ranks, at this moment in time (Google frequently changes the goal posts!), is to ensure that all/most content on your web pages are relevant to what you actually do. Laser focus!

Let’s imagine you’re a business coach, but you’re writing content about fitness and keeping healthy…

It happens.

Doing this would not only cause confusion for your visitors, but would also be detrimental to the ranking of your site.

The more specific you can be with your offering, and using keywords on every page that communicates what you do, the more likely your website will rank.

A great (free) tool that I often use, is SEOChat. Type in one, two or three keywords that would best describe your product or service, and the tool will deliver a wide variety of long- and short -tail keywords you could incorporate into your website.

If you have a blog, you could also use these keywords to frame the content of your blog posts.

Find keywords for your content

Find keywords for your content

4. On-site Content

Have you visited a site and found they gave away something of value? How likely would you download the resource and return again in future if it surpassed all your expectations and really helped you accomplish your goals?


Think of a resource in the form of a guide, an ebook, a spreadsheet or something else of value, that you could give your website visitors. Give it away with no-strings-attached, or reveal it after a visitor submits their email address and opts-in to hearing from you again. Grow your email list this way and you’ll be able to reconnect with visitors who are interested in your offering again in future.

An example of free content for lead-generation purposes

An example of free content for lead-generation purposes

5. Off-site Content

Create a video (or videos!) that share the behind-the-scenes of your business. Introduce yourself, showcase your products in a unique setting, show how your product or service works, interview customers, or share tips and tricks of the trade. The list of options are endless…

Once your video is ready, share it on all your social media channels directly (as native-video content).

Uploading your videos to YouTube only, and sharing the YouTube link on other social networking platforms will only limit your reach. Remember that each platform wants you to stay on that platform, so the minute you post links that take people off the social media platform, your audience reach and views will be limited.

Ensure that each video is tagged with relevant and appropriate keywords, so that wider audiences are also able to find your videos.

Not sure which keywords to use? Download the chrome extension called Social Blade.

Once Social Blade is installed, head over to YouTube and search for any video with the preliminary title of your video. Choose one of the top videos on the list and click to play. Once the video is open, social blade will reveal they keywords used in that video.

Use those keywords, combined with the SEOChat keyword suggestion tool, to re-title your video and tag it with the most appropriate keywords, then share the video as far and wide as your social media strategy allows!

Use Social Blade for competitor keyword research

Use Social Blade for competitor keyword research

Combine all five ways to drive traffic to your website and you’ll be amazed at the results, but remember, consistency is key. A small effort every day will compound over time and bring you great results! The key is to persevere. Even on the days you don’t feel like doing anything, do something.

That’s what will set you apart from most competitors in your industry!

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