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Hi, I’m Nadine.

I have over 10 years’ experience in sales, marketing, communications and design, working for (then-small) and now (very) large global brands.

I’m well-placed to use my knowledge, skills and experience to help your business become established, and grow.

In addition to working for corporates, I’ve supported countless entrepreneurs in achieving their business goals with websites that are optimised to perform, marketing campaigns that capture attention, landing pages that convert, content strategies that drive traffic, and much more.

In the space of a decade, I’ve created over 700 videos that have garnered thousands(if not millions!) of views, and I’ve written many blog posts that generated organic traffic, leads, and ultimately, sales.

What can I say? Content marketing to Nadine, is like Taleggio cheese and Barbera wine. -They just go together.

The truth is, it’s not about the quantity. It’s about what I’ve learned from all the content I’ve created throughout the years. I have no doubt that will be most valuable to you.

It’s always about results.

Whichever stage your business is in, -get in touch.

If we like each other? Well, then there’s no limit to what we can achieve together.


contact me by email or via any of the channels below:

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How I can help your business thrive

The majority of my time is spent supporting new and small business owners with planning, setting-up, managing, maintaining and measuring their brand’s digital presence. No two days, or businesses, are ever the same!

Below are the most frequent marketing activities I’m hired for:

  • Web design (Research and planning, set-up, graphic design, copy writing, content writing, and search engine optimisation).

  • Communications (Social media, email marketing, PR-outreach, press release writing, and blogging).

  • Content creation (Photography, video pre- and post production, and podcast editing).

  • Graphic design (Fliers, business cards, social media graphics, and more.)

The rest of my time is spent consulting small business owners on how they can maximise their organic reach, position their product or service to stand out from their competitors, and what forms of content and distribution strategies are likely to attract the types of customers their business needs to thrive.

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5 Random facts about me (because you got this far!)

  • I’m a workaholic. (Boring, I know. But honestly, I enjoy what I do, love learning new things, helping people, being productive, and most-importantly: working for myself!).

  • I speak 3 languages fluently and have lived on 4 different continents.

  • I listen to the Being Freelance and Talking Tastebuds podcasts while I work.

  • My marketing skills got me the opportunity to become a qualified skipper in Antigua, in 2014.

  • I’m terrified of heights, but somehow managed to jumped off of the highest bungee-bridge in the world (wearing flip-flops!).