I'm Nadine, -a Marketing Communications Executive, based in London.

My career in visual communications started in 2009, as a Freelance Lifestyle and Wedding Photographer.

I was passionate (and still am) about beautiful imagery, but that wasn't enough..

I quickly realised, that in order to do what I love, and for it to be a sustainable career choice, I'd need to learn how to market myself.

In this process, I discovered my passion for marketing, branding and telling stories.


Over time, I tested and failed, tested and succeeded, over and over again..

In my trial and error, I watched, listened and gradually learned that the best way to connect with any target market, is to know who you're communicating with, to value and respect their intelligence and time, and to ensure that stories are always told in an authentic and consistent way.

That is what I stand for and that is how I market products and services, -regardless of the sector they belong to.

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